The Original Wound: Finding the Origin of Your Pain


In the course of my spiritual journey, and especially in helping to guide others on their spiritual paths, I have come across the phenomenon of the original wound and its manifestations. Through the years, I have heard my clients and students voice the effects of the original wound when they say, “I feel something. I just don’t know what it is”, “I feel a sense of emptiness,” or the most common, “I want to put something out of my life.” I have encountered so many who so desperately want to put an experience or feeling in their spiritual basement or attic, but the problem is, it will still be on the property.

What is the original wound?

An event or trauma creates the original wound. It is a wound that the mind and spirit cannot process. The unprocessed pain becomes retained in the aura.

original wound the origin of your pain

What does it look like?

Evidence of the original wound manifests through:

  • spiritual clutter and physical hoarding
  • people-pleasing and unreasonable self-sacrifice
  • control issues
  • an inability to put ideas and plans into action
  • unwanted relationship patterns
  • drawing the same type of depleting relationships
  • disconnection from self
  • unwanted experiences and lessons repeating what you have already learned
  • living in a state of constant recovery while feeling your life is on pause

Physical manifestations may include:

  • eating disorders
  • fibromyalgia
  • memory loss
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • digestive issues
  • autoimmune disorders
  • hormonal imbalance
  • bladder/kidney and adrenal issues
  • feeling foggy
  • an inability to focus

What are some causes?

An original wound can occur from a variety of sources.

Events from Childhood
Childhood experiences can turn into limiting belief systems. Some examples include being subjected to any form of child abuse, witnessing unhealthy relationships between family members while growing up, and constantly providing emotional support to mentally or emotionally unstable siblings. These are just a few examples.

Rejection from a parent or lover can create an original wound. A
relationship, whether parental or intimate, from which we expect acceptance, safety, and love but receive the opposite can cause us to become trapped in a pattern of being drawn to the same type of relationship. We subconsciously try to correct the first trauma only to reopen the original wound.

Loss of a Loved One
For some, the feeling of loss through death, whether expected or unexpected, can cause an original wound. It creates the inability to experience closure or leaves a sense of regret, which results in a very deep illusion of permanent darkness and emptiness, creating an original wound.

Betrayal can create an original wound or reopen an existing original wound as a result of the pain created by the violation of trust from a loved one, intimate partner, or trusted institution.

Narcissistic Abuse
Being the target of gaslighting, belittling, or constantly being told that your best is not good enough has been known to create an original wound.

Are you ready to heal your original wound?

There are two parts to any problem: the symptoms we outwardly display and the core issue. When I work with your original wound, you and I take an inward journey into your mind, spirit, and aura. Your energy and your needs guide your session. Together, through personally customized guided meditation and talk therapy, we will identify the origin of your original wound. I will assist you in accessing and activating your natural healing power. In addition, I will be working as a compass to assist you in directing your healing power into your wound, allowing you to identify and remove the effects of your original wound.

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Ameena Darwish
Ameena Darwish has 30 years of experience as a psychic spiritual counselor and healer, who has studied seven years in India under Guru Ramesh Gupta as well as Sedona, Arizona for five years under the teachings of Shaman Enacopey Chaska in a variety of healing modalities. Contact her for a session at 773-485-3489 and [email protected]


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