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Astrological Insights for the Capricorn Season

Discover how the current astrological influences of Mercury retrograde, the Cancer Full Moon, and the Capricorn New Moon can impact your plans, emotions, and relationships. Gain insights into the energies of different zodiac signs and learn how to navigate these celestial events.

Mercury Retrograde until January 1, 2024: Delays, Reversals, and Flexibility

Mercury retrograde is an astrological timeframe that can significantly impact our lives, including communication, travel, and decision-making. One of the main features of Mercury retrograde is the potential for delays and reversals in our plans. The transit may manifest as missed appointments, transportation disruptions, or technological glitches. As unforeseen obstacles may arise, it is essential to be patient and understanding during this time. We can adjust our schedules and expectations by being prepared for these delays. Allow extra driving time and arrive early to appointments. Use this time to slow down, reflect, and revisit previously started projects. Be aware that the collapse of plans is possible, so having a plan B is recommended. On the bright side, Mercury retrograde brings awareness of things previously hidden to your attention. Mistakes that need correction may come to your attention. It is time to slow down, go within, and do the RE words like revisit, reconnect, reassess, review, and revise.

Full Moon in Cancer on December 26, 2023: Illumination and Heightened Emotions

The Full Moon is the culmination of the lunar cycle. It coincides with increased intuition and insight, allowing us to see things more clearly and understand matters more deeply. It is a time when subconscious thoughts and emotions may surface. The heightened emotional state can lead to a greater understanding of ourselves and others as we become more attuned to the feeling state. At this lunation, Mercury retrograde and Mars are conjunct. Mars is known for its fiery nature and its association with aggression and impatience. There is the potential for conflict, arguments, and accidents. Slow down and use care with sharp instruments.

Harnessing the Positive Energy of the New Moon in Capricorn on January 11, 2024

The new moon is a time of new beginnings and fresh energy, symbolizing the start of a new lunar cycle. Harnessing the positive energy of the new moon can bring about a sense of renewal and expansion in our lives. The New Moon in Capricorn invites setting intentions to manifest abundance. During this lunation, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance in a collaborative combination with Saturn, the planet of achievement after hard work. Do the work and reap the rewards.

Astrological Insights for each Zodiac Sign

If you are an astrology enthusiast or simply curious about how the celestial bodies can influence our lives, understanding the astrological insights for different zodiac signs can provide valuable guidance. Explore what the stars have in store for you by zodiac sign in this video from astrologer Celeste Brooks. Listen for your Sun and Rising sign. If you have your birth time but do not know your rising sign, view this video on how to create a free astrology chart.

To learn about Setting Intentions with the Moon Cycles, download the free ebook from Celeste.


Celeste Brooks specializes in natal, mundane, and horary astrology. Her services include chart rectification for finding unknown birth times. Her offerings include classes, workshops, coaching packages, events, and readings. Her podcast, Celestial Insights, offers weekly guidance to surf the cosmic tides. She discusses the astrology of current events on her popular Instagram lives. Celeste is the Transit Talk host and OPA Live Manager for the Organization of Professional Astrologers (OPA). She speaks for astrology organizations and conferences.

Before transitioning into astrology full-time, she had a successful sales and marketing career at Fortune 500 companies spanning over 25 years. She has an undergraduate degree in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley and an M.B.A. from St. Mary’s College. She holds the STA’s Practitioners Level Certification in Horary. Her email is [email protected] and her website is


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