Starcodes: January 26 – February 1


Starcodes reading for the week of January 26 – February 1, 2024

Make it so. Mental Mercury conjuncts motivating Mars in determined Capricorn this week and wants us to have a clear image of our desired outcomes. Stop making excuses and make the work an offering to the vision, even if that vision is just a cleaner closet.

Be ready to pivot. Some change or transformation that has been on hold can now kick into gear as Uranus – retrograde since the end of August – turns direct this weekend, though there may be some swirling tides in the process. If we do not like where we are going, or where our country is going, this is a good week to steer the ship in a good direction. Watch what begins this time because it will have consequences.

Although the Sun and Pluto are now in outgoing, philosophical Aquarius, we’re being nudged forward in a concrete way by powerful lineup of planets in pragmatic earth signs. Mercury conjuncts Mars in determined Capricorn this week and they both trine change –inducing Uranus in Taurus. Venus is now in early Capricorn and forms an inspiring trine to expansive Jupiter in Taurus.

This lineup of planets and earth signs can help us be in control of our projects. But if people feel out of control elsewhere in their life, they may get manipulative or try to control their relationships. If so, redirect them towards feeling more in control of some other aspect of life, and they relax. If not- consider backing away quietly and giving them room for a while.

On Friday a Leo Moon can bring up fun, drama, and whispers of the changes ahead. Over the weekend the planets tell us to just get on with it, we can get depressed if we don’t feel some progress, and will feel better once we accomplish a project, large or small.

Early next week our momentum can build as a competent if nervy Virgo Moon forms grand trines with all those earthy planets, one after the other. It’s up to us to make sure it builds in a good direction. It will be easy to expect too much out of ourselves. So, if our self-doubts arise, it’ll help to remember hurdles we’ve overcome in the past and remind ourselves that we can, indeed, move forward.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, an equitable Libra Moon can help us get our act organized and the team together. There may be some confusion on Tuesday about how to make this all happened, but we can keep to our vision as Mercury forms a worrying semi-square to Saturn while the Sun semi-squares confusing Neptune. Thursday could bring snarky repercussions to recent changes or bring heat to ongoing hostilities as the moody Scorpio Moon squares Pluto and Mars forms an irritating semi-square to Saturn. Hear the doubts, listen to the worries, but still steer that boat towards a hopeful horizon.

starcodes week of January 26 through February 1

Friday, January 26: Ambitious egos decorate the headlines – but we don’t have to go there. Under a Leo Moon we are called to shine and further our purpose but without suffocating others. If someone else takes up all the oxygen in the room, step outside for a breath of fresh air; work around them rather than confront. When in doubt, get others to talk about themselves and watch them relax. Tonight calls for a break in routine as the Moon squares changeable Uranus and Uranus stations- just be careful to avoid weather-related accidents.

Mercury square Chiron 7:48 AM, Leo Moon squares Uranus 2:19 PM.

Saturday, January 27: The energy swirls unpredictably as Uranus turns direct, so proceed carefully to stay centered through emotional slippery patches. Mercury conjuncts Mars and adds momentum to our schemes, but that momentum can also lead to collisions of all types if we barrel ahead without thinking it through, Stay directed, aware, and in the present moment – not 5 feet ahead or 5 feet behind. The afternoon calms down as the Moon enters conscientious Virgo and Venus sextiles stabilizing Saturn. We’ll appreciate loving gestures of pragmatic help.

Sun squares Jupiter 12:18 AM, Uranus turns direct 12:35 AM, Mercury conjunct Mars 7:58 AM, Moon enters Virgo 12:11 PM, Venus sextiles Saturn 10:03 PM.

Sunday, January 28: Analyze, assess, learn, create, and build as the Virgo Moon forms a grand trine with Mercury and Mars in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus- all while Venus trines expansive Jupiter. This can bring a brilliant problem-solving inventive mind, or we could just list what’s wrong with the world. Because that Virgo Moon can be negative, it’s important to keep our mind on where we want to go, not where we’re trying to avoid. Use this nervy inventiveness to create something loving and wonderful.

Moon opposed Saturn 12:20 AM, Moon trine Venus 12:28 AM, trine Jupiter to 10 AM, Mercury trine Uranus 2:06 PM, Venus trine Jupiter 6:01 PM.

Monday, January 29: Patience is not our virtue, but progress can be. We get many green lights as the Moon forms a grand trine with activating Mars and energizing Uranus, but open doors are possibilities, we must choose to walk through, do the work, and engage those opportunities. Some opportunities may be disguised as an ending but push us into fresh territory.

Moon trine Mars 1:54 AM, Moon trine Uranus 2:51 AM, Moon trine Mercury 4:37 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 4:19 PM, Mars trine Uranus 4:40 PM.

Tuesday, January 30: The mood could be peaceful but with hidden concerns under a friendly Libra Moon but as thoughtful Mercury semi-squares serious Saturn. Our active minds can get caught in their worry loop, so use imagination wisely and with compassion. Give the mental wheels something productive to chew upon. Face any lurking fears but don’t let them run the show.

Moon enters Libra 1:04 AM, Moon trines Pluto 1:41 AM, Mercury semi-squares Saturn 1:59 AM, Moon square Venus 8:33 PM, son semi-square Neptune 8:47 PM, Moon trine son 11:06 PM.

Wednesday, January 31: Engage determination, just be careful with a pushy manipulative energy hidden in pleasant diplomacy under the Libra Moon square Mars. Be assertive but spacious – don’t walk over others. People will be more influenced by clear outcomes and practical necessities than by an emotional appeal. A sense of urgency grows during the day and can make people cranky by dinner time. Take that crankiness outside, Speak and move thoughtfully.

Moon square Mars 6:59 PM.

Thursday, February 1: Work through awkward communication under an early Moon-Mercury square, figure out the intention underneath. Early afternoon can bring a mood as the Moon enters Scorpio and squares Pluto; don’t take it out on others nor take it too seriously. Use this time get at root issues and foundational problems as Mars semi-squares Saturn. If mechanical difficulties arise, slow down and apply logic rather than take it personally and throw large objects. If intergenerational tensions arise, instead of dueling willpowers, let people rest in their own corner and ponder priorities.

Moon square Mercury 2:03 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 1:36 PM, Moon square Pluto 2:22 PM, Mars semi-square Saturn 11:15 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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