Starcodes: January 5-11


Starcodes reading for the week of January 5-11, 2024

This week could bring surprises. After a deep halt over the winter holidays while Mercury retrograded, we can expect a week rich with fits and starts, opportunities and revelations as we reorganize for the new year. It’s time to assess our situation and pick up threads of work in progress. At the end of the week a new Moon in competent Capricorn encourages us to launch into 2024 with gusto.

It’s time to get our ducks in a row, though first we need to clean up apparent problems. As we pick up our projects to forge ahead – we may notice the needs have changed or the situation shifted since last we looked. If we reassess the situation with fresh eyes, we can use this week to get our ducks in a row and our syllabus planned.

Mercury and Venus stay in upbeat Sagittarius all week and help us deal with minor chaos with a good attitude. But although Mercury is now direct, it’s not done confusing us until the end of the week. Look to some problem, snafu, or misperception which began in early October as Mercury opposed Neptune, then really kicked into gear after Thanksgiving when Mercury squared Neptune, got muddled or delayed after Christmas as Mercury squared Neptune again – retrograde this time – and now has a chance move out of the fog after Monday when Mercury squares Neptune for the third and last pass of this cycle.

It’s good to have a focus as the weekend begins under a moody, edgy Scorpio Moon. Sunday and early next week the Moon in forward-looking Sagittarius helps us clear out the cobwebs and create connections. We’re ready to make some changes as the Sun trines Uranus – the cosmic clutch – on Tuesday. The Moon then enters competent Capricorn as activating Mars forms supportive sextile to organizational Saturn, just as Mercury clears that final square to Neptune.

As we activate, let’s just watch that we don’t get so busy in our work that we forget to check in with our feelings or those of our beloveds. People that are feeling stuck or have lost someone recently can find this time challenging, they may not be quite ready to start anew and they need their feelings honored as Venus semi-squares Pluto in the middle of the week. All of us may just have some backlog of emotional processing to work through.

Next Thursday a new Moon in Capricorn launches a new chapter and asks us what we want to build in the year ahead.

starcodes week of January 5 through 11

Friday, January 5: The Moon enters Scorpio this morning and trines competent Saturn, sharpens our focus and can bring out our snarky edge If someone feels edgy, don’t take it personally, do back away and let them get on with it. Growls of retaliation or obsession filter in, but we don’t have to go there. It furthers to give ourselves something positive to focus upon and make progress, however small, to keep cynicism at bay. Evening grows more forgiving as the Moon opposes Jupiter.

Moon square Pluto 4:40 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 5:39 AM, Moon sextile Mars 7:03 AM, Moon trine Saturn 12:48 PM, Moon opposed Jupiter 4:35 PM.

Saturday, January 6: Repair broken items and connections, reorganize the house for the new year. If an opportunity arises to confront a long-term change in life, a shift in conditions, accept the change while the Sun squares Chiron and the Moon opposes Uranus. Don’t try to force acceptance on another, let the changing circumstance speak for themselves.

Sun square Chiron 1:35 AM, Moon sextile Sun 12:12 PM, Moon opposes Uranus 6:24 PM.

Sunday, January 7: After a thoughtful, introspective, and potentially grumpy morning we can find more room to laugh this afternoon as the Moon joins Venus and Mercury in up-beat Sagittarius. It may still be hard to figure out the pragmatic nuts and bolts of our situation. Look for last-minute spontaneous walks, outings, or imaginary wanderings and let errands be an excuse to walk away from a recent mood and take a break. Tonight, take a moment to plan the week ahead as the Moon squares organized Saturn.

Moon trine Neptune 5:21 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 1:21 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius 2:08 PM, Moon square Saturn 9:11 PM.

Monday, January 8: It’s a good day to build the team, check in on clients, connect with neighbors, but stay in the present rather than rush ahead with new plans. Today is the last pass of that Mercury Neptune square, which is great for visioning and dreaming together, for divination, but we still can’t see very far ahead. Stay situationally aware, conscious of the weather, and work with the energy of the situation which we can read more clearly than the facts.

Moon conjunct Venus 11:44 AM, Mercury square Neptune 6:24 PM.

Tuesday, January 9: The mental clouds begin to clear, and we can see what’s been going on behind-the-scenes as the Sun trines Uranus and brings in a breath of fresh air. Our mood may grow more serious, our competence more focused later in the day as the Moon enters subdued and determined Capricorn and Mars sextile Saturn. We can make solid substantial decisions about what’s gone on in the past and how to deal with the present. Our natural management abilities come out, just watch that they don’t become manipulative.

Moon square Neptune 10:27 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 11:24 AM, son semi-square Saturn 1:38 PM, son trine Uranus 5:07 PM, Moon enters Capricorn 6:33 PM, Mars sextile Saturn 7:39 PM.

Wednesday, January 10: Work is good therapy under this dark of the Moon in Capricorn, do what’s needed to prepare for tomorrow’s New Moon launch date. Make decisions about what needs to be cut out, what needs to be pursued this morning as the Moon conjunct Mars. When we choose one path, we may need to let go of another; honor things lost, paths not followed, and people who have chosen their own way as Venus semi-squares Pluto and stirs the heart later on.

Moon sextile Saturn 1:28 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 1:45 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 4:14 AM, Venus semi-square Pluto 2:07 PM.

Thursday, January 11: A New Moon in Capricorn this morning at 4:47 AM MST marks a potential launching point for our work, ambitions, and our efforts to evolve. Have patience but step towards that new mountain today. Depression and self-judgment can be a trap; if they whisper, don’t believe their story but do use this as a goad to step towards that potential. After a busy day, drop back into the heart and check in with one another as the Moon conjunct Pluto then enters Aquarius tonight.

Moon trine Uranus 2:26 AM, Moon conjunct Sun 4:47 AM, Venus trine Chiron 7:36 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 12:20 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 7:33 PM, Moon enters Aquarius 8:01 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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