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It’s important to keep your energy field and inner self clear on a daily basis. This means letting go of daily and inherited problems, including outdated issues, patterns, beliefs, memories, and emotions not serving you. This can be from current life traumas to small problems. You also inherit problems and traumas from your ancestors, other lifetimes, and the collective. They all reside within your physical body but also around you in your energy field. Your body tends to hold onto things until you decide to consciously let go of the past; your energy field tends to do the same thing. Some of the things need to be consciously processed and somethings do not. This takes a daily effort so that you can feel your best each day.

spiritual tools to raise your vibration

Keeping your body and energy field clear doesn’t mean you won’t feel emotions or have problems, it means that life is more manageable and your viewpoint is optimal, so you can keep the highest level perspective during hard times.

I’m going to write about what keeps me feeling good daily and you can see if any of these techniques resonate with you, so you can use them for yourself.

  • I routinely decide to act like I know nothing. This means continuously emptying my mind of thoughts as they come in. I imagine them being erased as my mind produces thoughts. This allows new insights to come in that are better than the ones I already believe. If the old beliefs stay with me, and dominate my thoughts, then I don’t get anything better than what I can imagine which is limited.
  • If there’s a problem in my life, I put the intention that I’m surrendering if to my Higher Self/Spirit so that better outcomes can come in than I can currently imagine. I remind myself that worrying is like sending out a prayer of worry to the person or situation I’m concerned about. I imagine the worry and problems being handed over to my Higher Self. I see my Higher Self looking like an ethereal version of myself, but you can see her/him as an angel or some other kind of spirit guide. After surrendering the problem and worries to my Higher Self, I ask that my Higher Self brings in much better outcomes than I can imagine. Many times, ideas pop into my head or somebody comes in with an answer or I read something that gives me new ideas on how to proceed.
  • elevate your energy every day with energetic healing audiosI ask my ancestors, who have crossed over, to support me and align with me as I clear up the issues, we’ve all created together. One of my cousins is an excellent ancestry researcher so I know them by name and have seen pictures of them. This makes it easier to envision them in detail as I ask them to surround me and the other ancestors with love and support. However, it’s not necessary to see them at all. Intention is the most important part to this.
  • I put on my energetic healing audios, on the lowest volume, throughout the day and night which acts like an automatic clearing for my mind, emotions and body, and energy field. I pick out the one that I need most and put it on repeat or put on several of them and play them on a playlist. If I want assistance in understanding something more clearly or clearing something on a deeper level, I’ll turn the volume up and take the time to listen to the energetic healing audio’s words so I can have additional energetic support. Our Energetic Healing Audios library has more than 100 audios that cover the most common needs we all experience.
  • I meditate and exercise daily which boosts my serotonin and dopamine levels. I typically put on an energetic healing audio, on the lowest volume, when I meditate. This gives me an opportunity to quiet my mind and put out intentions on what I want during the day. For exercise, I do something active for 30 minutes and some sort of muscle toning to help stay stronger. This creates a great start to my day.
  • It’s good to have a number of tools to keep you well. Find what works best for you and make sure to use them daily. Self-discipline is important in keeping yourself feeling your best. You’re worth it. Healing yourself helps humanity heal too, since we’re all interconnected. Let’s join hands and do this work together. As the Hopi Indians say, “We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Many blessings,

Maureen Higgins owns Wings of Freedom, an alternative counseling and coaching business. She helps people be their best selves and recognize they are part of the Divine. Maureen also founded the School for Higher Consciousness. Maureen has developed numerous energetic healing systems you can learn through the school’s workshops and also experience through her energetically healing audios. Some of the protocols are turned into audios that clear your energy field like a one-on-one session. Experience an Energetic Healing Audio for yourself.


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Maureen Higgins
Maureen Higgins, M.A., founded Wings of Freedom in 1998, a cutting-edge energetic healing practice that empowers people to transform their personal, ancestral, and karmic issues. Explore her energetic healing audios, set up like an in-person session, allowing for effective transformational work on a daily basis! Expand your intuitive abilities and develop energetic healing skills through her School for Higher Consciousness. Your time to fly has come!


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