Starcodes: February 23-29


Starcodes reading for the week of February 23-29, 2024

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed this week unless we can deal with one thing at a time. We can see too much, be farsighted, aware of all that needs to be done in our life and in the world. But as we could also feel unusually sensitive and a tad delicate, that can fell like too much to process as Mercury joins the Sun in intuitive Pisces, we can be daunted by that giant pile of work. If the whole view seems overwhelming, start with one improving thing.

To break that down, the planets that normally rule our emotions, Venus and Mars run conjunct in thoughtful, mental Aquarius, which can make it harder to see those close to us but lets us get a good overview of the world’s woes. Our hearts think and try to be objective.

At the same time, mental Mercury enters absorptive Pisces, the sign opposite the one that it rules and a sign associated with intuition, emotional sensitivity, and ability to think in symbols and mind maps rather than think linearly or objectively. Our mind feels everything deeply. It’s important that that our ability to see the big picture doesn’t swamp us out with too much to do, to fix our house, to achieve a goal, to create world peace. This can all feel paradoxical but it pushes us to get our head in our hearts work together.

A full Moon in Virgo over the weekend asked us to take stock of our world to see what needs improvement. This celestial nudge can feel like worry, edginess, bitterness, or chewing over old criticism. But it’s really a healing Moon, time to speak up about what needs fixing and celebrate every bit of accomplishment so far and be encouraged to continue our evolution. It could be wonderful to be involved in a charity, fundraiser, or compassionate protest.

It’s important that we are as sensitive to other people’s feelings as we are to our own early next week as the Libra Moon trines the Aquarian planets. Beauty and balance soothe the soul, and there is so much ugliness which can grate on us like sandpaper.

An uncomfortable, competitive, belligerent Mars-Jupiter square midweek adds to the stubbornness and to the militancy in an otherwise sensitive week but can give us the energy to move forward. This can and energizing aspect or it can be a bullying aspect; think carefully about where to move forward, and where to take a stand.

The middle week rings seriousness, a time to make agreements, get down to the nuts and bolts of ephemeral experience, as Mercury conjuncts Saturn and sextiles Jupiter. Don’t worry, just get specific. We may need to be the grown-up in the room, and believe in our own competence. Late Wednesday and into Thursday a moody Scorpio Moon can bring a serious focus to all we do, refining our sense of responsibility.

A quote which fits this moment, inspired by the Talmud: “Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly now, love mercy now, walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.” One step at a time.

starcodes week of February 23 through 29

Friday, February 23: Mercury enters Pisces and we become freshly aware how complex is our situation. Offer room to process and express feelings without trying to fix one another under an expressive Leo Moon. We need attention and appreciation, not suggestions. The Moon enters Virgo this evening, opposes Mercury, and brings brittleness. It can be hard to get heart and head working together, we can start worrying about details or get cranky when what we need to do is rest and take care of one another.

Mercury enters Pisces 12:28 AM, Moon enters Virgo 6:37 PM, Moon opposes Mercury 9:51 PM.

Saturday, February 24: An early morning Virgo full Moon imparts ideas for personal improvements but also brings self-doubts, critiques, and anxiety. Any advice will be seen as criticism, let people do their own homework. This full Moon highlights any tension between our Virgoan sense of responsibility and a Piscean need to be soft, safe, and sensitive. Let these attributes support one another and make this a healing day.

Mercury semi-square Chiron 2:39 AM, Moon opposes the Sun 5:30 AM, Moon opposes Saturn 1:24 PM, Moon shines Jupiter 3:49 PM, Venus square Jupiter 9:01 PM.

Sunday, February 25: The mood can be restless and disjointed, hard to settle in but hard to focus. It furthers to catch up with ourselves, clear chores, and wander. We may ponder the past and future and have a hard time staying present as Venus semi-square Neptune; if glitches show up in relationships, let’s check in and make sure we understand the situation. Take the stress off and let the soul and mind unwind, search for and soak up peace, beauty, and fairness. Heal for the work ahead.

Moon trine Uranus 10:04 AM, Venus semi-square Neptune 6:02 PM.

Monday, February 26: Check in on the dreams overnight, pay attention to them this morning as the Moon opposes Neptune, it may be more emotional discharge than wise knowing, they offer important clues. Go gently today as the Libra Moon trine Pluto, tend to issues around housing comfort feeling at home and fairness in the world both at home and abroad.

Moon the opposed Neptune 12:35 AM, Moon enters Libra 7:29 AM, Moon square Pluto 9:46 AM.

Tuesday, February 27: Choose fights carefully as Mars squares Jupiter and brings a pugnacious stubborn attitude. Even recreational debates can be hard on us as tenderness and belligerence can run together. Be stubborn for a worthy cause, find creative use of that belligerence rather than fight recreationally.

Mars square Jupiter 1:29 AM, Moon trine Mars 5:51 AM, Moon trine Venus 11:12 AM.

Wednesday, February 28: Our feelings color our thinking as the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn conjunct in sensitive Pisces while Mars semi-squares Neptune. It can be hard to be objective and we may want more control in a situation where we feel uncertain, but control over others isn’t the point. Check on people dealing with depression or overwhelming circumstances. Exercise the soul muscles and choose carefully where thoughts wander, particularly later as the Moon enters Scorpio and squares Pluto. Don’t believe the view the future at the moment. Tackle a worthy problem.

Sun conjunct Mercury 1:42 AM, Mars semi-square Neptune 2:42 AM, Mercury conjunct Saturn 8:07 AM, son conjunct Saturn 2:25 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 8:09 PM, Moon square Pluto 10:32 PM.

Thursday, February 29: Look for good news or innovative solutions this morning as Mercury sextiles Jupiter and watch the sarcastic comments. Though the Moon is in introspective, snarky Scorpio, it forms productive trines to stabilizing Saturn, energizing Sun, and mental Mercury, so although we may have an attitude, we can productively focus on some interesting possibilities if we don’t trip over our cynicism. Proceed diplomatically.

Mercury sextile Jupiter 2:53 AM, Moon trine Saturn 3:51 PM, Moon trine Sun 5:52 PM, Moon opposes Jupiter 6:39 PM, Moon trine Mercury 9:18 PM, Moon square Mars 10:07 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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