Starcodes: March 15-21


Starcodes reading for the week of March 15-21, 2024

These last few days of winter bring a dreamy, magical if confusing sun-Neptune conjunction. Let’s dream a better world. Consciously drift into fantasy and imagine, visualize what our world could be like if we fix all the problems. Spring begins late Tuesday night as the Sun enters Aries.

Every year at this changing of the seasons, we feel the strange mutation of sensitive Pisces energy shifting into spicy Aries, the ending and beginning of the astrological year. This week the lingering Pisces sensitivity can leave us easily swamped with sun, Venus, and Saturn in Pisces. While Mercury in Aries, joined by the Sun after Tuesday, stirs the brave Aries fire. Aries leave us with a short fuse, but, like daffodils breaking through the ground, it also imparts the bravery to start over.

This combination can be tricky both in world politics and in our love life, but also brings a gift. With that Pisces sensitivity we can be painfully alert to problems but may not understand the roots. We can get our feelings hurt quickly or respond to fears from our past or from a clarion call in the collective. Aries energy can react first and ask questions later.

Like this late winter weather, everything looks at its most drab, raw, exposed, with dead plants and no snow, but buried in that detritus are the green shoots of new life brave enough to risk rebirth.

Venus in Pisces encourages us to connect from the heart as it approaches Saturn, while Mars in Aquarius can help us work a crowd but can leave us interpersonally oblivious.

After a the fuzzy, dreamy, magical escapist weekend we need to shake off any St. Patrick’s Day hangover and attend to work this week. Mercury heads into its shadow and turns retrograde for three weeks on April 1. It’s an important time to clear the decks and batten the hatches where we can. Mercury retrograde flows smoother when we are not in a hurry and haven’t left a lot for the last minute.

The weekend begins with a sociable Gemini Moon which makes it easy to multitask and cross pollinate but hard to concentrate. Saturday brings magical thinking and all the lovely and difficult ways as the Sun approaches that conjunction with Neptune on Sunday. After these outgoing couple of days– on St. Patrick’s Day the energy quiets, becomes more personal and nostalgic as the Moon enters its own internal sign of Cancer.

A thoughtful mood allows us to tend to our business on Monday and early Tuesday, the last days of winter. Feel the energy speed up and spark mid-Tuesday as the Moon enters heart-centered, flamboyant Leo and the Sun enters fierce Aries that evening.

That first day of Aries is the astrologers’ New Year’s and begins a whole new cycle. With that Aries comes a new level of honesty, just don’t to be harsh with that honesty because cleanup will be difficult as Mercury in Aries conjuncts Chiron. Old trust issues return on Thursday as the Aries Sun sextiles Pluto and Venus conjuncts Saturn – reminding us that great dreams for the future don’t just happen, they take responsible work.

starcodes astrology week of March 15 through 21

All times are in MDT – Mountain daytime time.

Friday, March 15: Take the broad view, scan the far horizons; this peripatetic, sociable Gemini Moon is great for networking but breeds interruptions and gossip. It’s easy to start twenty things and have trouble remembering where we left off as that Moon sextiles Mercury in spicy Aries. Track important details carefully. Manage responsibilities around dinner time as the Moon squares Saturn, then unwind and enjoy the buzz.

Moon square Venus 4:59 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 4:10 PM, Moon square Saturn 6:05 PM.

Saturday, March 16: Energy flows, keep it moving and don’t take it personally if people have a short attention span as the Moon trines Mars. Personal items scattered quickly, so keep track of what’s important. Have a plan B if interruptions shift the schedule. Enjoy a bubbling, wandering energy this evening but be clear with friends – people can wander off and miscues proliferate late-night as the Moon squares Neptune. Watch the libations and be wary of all the drivers who indulged.

Moon trine Mars 7:02 PM, Moon square Sun 10:10 PM, Moon square Neptune 10:42 PM.

Sunday, March 17: On this St. Patrick’s Day we may suddenly feel like we’ve overloaded with people and need some time in our personal shell as the Moon enters Cancer and the Sun conjunct Neptune. Commune with spirit, tradition, or imagination. In the afternoon meditation furthers, so does a good book and a cozy spot. Don’t push people today, nor take it personally if they appear to withdraw. Make it safe, comfortable, and be off stage. If someone responds with defensive hackles, reassure them and tackle that question again in a few days. Evening brings a tender sociability as the Moon trines Venus.

Moon enters Cancer 3:40 AM, the Sun conjunct Neptune 5:22 AM, Moon trine Venus 5:54 PM.

Monday, March 18: A vaguely hung-over or cranky feeling begins the week, whether we indulged or not, as the introverted Cancer Moon squares Mercury in Aries this morning. If people seem distracted or elsewhere, rely on the routine and schedules to give form to the day until we wake up. Check in on feelings, offer support, and keep demands low, as most of the work is going on internally, in the dream realms. Our synapses click faster as the Moon sextiles Uranus tonight.

Moon trine Saturn 2:29 AM, Moon square Mercury 8:28 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 6:20 PM.

Tuesday, March 19: This morning we need sensitivity and acceptance; we may feel tender, possibly warmhearted, not particularly outgoing, but willing to engage in a heartfelt and real way as the Cancer Moon trines the Sun and Neptune on this last day of winter. Momentum picks up this afternoon as the Moon enters extroverted Leo and opposes Pluto, but some interpersonal tension, dueling needs or egos, could bring a charge. Note any tension and let everyone have time in the center. If we feel our stubbornness clash, let’s ask if our willfulness is important here, or is it just habitual. The day expands as the Sun semi-squares Jupiter then enters Aries as spring begins tonight at 9:06 PM MDT.

Moon trine Neptune 8:29 AM, Moon trine Sun 12:52 PM, Moon enters Leo 1:32 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 4:49 PM, Sun semi-squares Jupiter 5:38 PM, the Sun enters Aries 9:06 PM.

Wednesday, March 20: Happy new year! What do we want to do with this one bright and glorious day, full of fire that needs a good direction. A day to honor inspirations rather than resolutions – and ask where we feel inspired to direct our energies in the year ahead. Be willing to start over where needed. It furthers to note where we feel exhaustion or resistance; while this work may need to be done, it is not in line with the inner river of our will. Or do we have to admit we really do want the outcome and this work not being imposed upon us. If so, own it.

Mercury conjunct Chiron 11:26 AM, Moon square Jupiter 7:34 PM.

Thursday, March 21: The mood can be willful, lazy one minute and engage the next, almost catlike the Sun in Aries and Moon and Leo. We can express with brashness while some sensitive feeling hide in the background, but let’s be honest with ourselves. Do not test or manipulate relationships, no matter how tempting- nor withhold and expect other people to respond – as Venus conjunct Saturn. Lean into the tried-and-true friendships, be willing to do the emotional work needed to nurture beloveds and connections.

Moon trine Chiron 2:07 AM, Moon trine Mercury 3:56 AM, Moon square Uranus 6:06 AM, Sun sextile Pluto 2:02 PM, Venus conjunct Saturn 5:09 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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