You’re Intuitive and You Know It: How to find your way



You know you know it, yet don’t believe. How often have you found yourself saying, “Oh, I imagined that,” only to have it become your personal truth. Intuition is that small voice inside your soul that has a tendency to ignore oneself as it does not play well with reason and logic. Leave the mind out of it.

You’ve watched the television shows, heard the radio programs and wish you were them, the master psychics and mediums. You ask, “How did they get there?” Practice and then more practice. Not everyone will find themselves in the intuitive business professionally. First, you must understand yourself before delving into another’s soul — and that is a great responsibility. The key to using your intuition is to understand how you personally receive what you receive. In other words, how do you “get it?”

You may have one or many ways you receive your information. There are six general ways of receiving psychic information:

  • Claircognizance — Clear knowing; you just know it.
  • Clairvoyance — Clear seeing, a transfer of information that is previously unknown to you.
  • Clairsentience — Clear feeling. You feel the vibrations (frequency) energy of others. This also is called being a psychic sponge.
  • Clairaudience — Clear hearing, essentially the ability to hear in a non-ordinary manner, not the actual perception of sound.
  • Clairessence — Clear smelling, which is accessing psychic knowledge through the physical sense of smell and in a non-ordinary ways.
  • Clairgustance— Clear tasting, in which you taste substances without putting anything into your mouth.

You’ve heard the saying, “Fake it until you make it.” That applies to intuition. Ask yourself these two questions: Did I imagine it and then receive it? Or, did I receive it and then imagine it? The second is your natural intuition; however, the first may get you there, as well. Accept it first as truth and then try to prove it wrong. Intuition will always appear first and is always 100 percent correct for you once you are clear on how you get what you get. Trust is a big piece in understanding your psychic abilities.

With practice, you become more adept at accepting what it is that you receive and how it manifests for you.

A fun way to practice is to have a friend sketch a simple drawing, perhaps a brown furry kitten, and write the words love and peaches and purring. Huh? Let me explain. Brown= color, kitten= baby animal, love= feeling, peaches= taste and finally purring= sound. Have your friend place this drawing into a sealed envelope and have her continue to think about what she drew. Then have her present this envelope to you. Without opening it, and immediately without judgment, tell your friend what you receive from the envelope or write it down, without any clues from your friend. Once you feel completed with the task at hand, have your friend validate what you said and then open the envelope.

This is an ancient practice called “billet” and one of the best ways of trusting and developing your inner knowingness. You must trust it and feel it in your soul and move to your own soul’s beat, for each person is unique in the way your intuition works.

One of the hardest abilities is clairvoyance. I have had many a student tell a class they received nothing and then go on to say what they felt at the time, what they saw, what sound they heard or what they smelled. Other students shake their heads and say, “I wish I got your nothing!”

Intuition is that small quiet voice inside of you — and it can be pretty subtle, lacking in drama — and it is perfectly correct. Reason and logic do not apply. You just know. Trust and practice are the keys to developing your personal intuition. You’re intuitive — and now you know it.

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Alison James was born naturally gifted and is one of the top psychics mediums in America. Alison also an accomplished pet psychic medium. Experiencing the divine this acutely is as normal to her as breathing is to most of us. Over the past few decades she's assisted thousands reach their personal best and find peace within their souls. Alison currently resides in Minnesota with her family and their menagerie. Alison teaches Psychic Development classes provides live events and you can book a reading with her Monday-Friday online at her website. Contact her by phone or email.


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