Itineraries: Angels of Light


angel2FOR 28 YEARS I have vied with the many facets of HIV/AIDS disease. I am grateful for the miracle of my survival. A majority of my peers have been destroyed either by the disease or the drugs used to treat it. I attribute my longevity to my dedication to the healing arts, both as a practitioner and a teacher. I have benefited from many hours inside the energetic crucible of healing. As a wounded healer, my work is to achieve the sacred balance between my vulnerability and sustaining a stable space for others to encounter their own health and spirituality.

For 14 years, I resisted my doctor’s admonitions to begin antiviral drugs. The total destruction of my T cells in the year 2000 convinced me to begin medication. (Doctors test T-cell levels to gauge the health of the immune system.) While effective in reducing the viral load, the drugs also spawned horrendous side effects. I was totally debilitated by multiple crises: extreme fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, weight loss and neuropathy. Alone, isolated and losing the will to fight the disease, I dropped into a deep depression. Exhausted on a couch in my home, I closed my eyes and announced, “Thy Will Be Done.” I was willing to accept even death.

That night I had a seminal encounter that began with a lucid dream. A tall being of pure, gold light faced me from the foot of my bed. The light was so intense I could not discern facial features or physical detail. A ray of this light traveled from the figure and filled my entire body. I floated up off the bed, ecstatic in a growing radiance. I was held in a space beyond time until my body slowly began to return to rest on the bed and transition to a waking state. The being of light remained and I continued to be bathed in intense, golden radiance. I lay motionless, more relaxed and at peace than I had been for many months. The beam of light slowly dimmed and the figure dissolved. A golden iridescence pulsed throughout my body. My mind was in a state of quiet shock.

This encounter with the angelic presence initiated profound physical and psychological improvement, rescuing me from despair, suffering, and possibly death. To this day, I remember clearly the sensations of being held during the transmission of light. The experience is deeply imprinted in me. Struggling with the question, “Why did I suffer for so long?” I formed an important link between the moment of surrender and the intervention by the angel of light. My will had been an impenetrable armor; contact had to wait until I softened.

Feeling much better, I accepted an invitation to train to teach a healing modality known as The Frequencies of Brilliance. This is a deeply transformational, multi-dimensional technique channeled from the Pleiadians by Christine Day. For the past eight years, I have been teaching certification courses all over the world. The course is performed within sacred geometric spaces that allow contact with higher dimensions and the beings that move in those worlds. One of my gifts is the awareness of these beings as they come through the veils to assist students in the courses. These entities guide me telepathically.

What I initially considered an unusual event has now become commonplace. We are frequently visited by ascended masters, angels and beings of light. Contact with spiritual allies is our Divine inheritance, available to anyone willing to dissolve mental barriers and align with the heart.

As the vibration of our beloved planet increases, all beings are affected. This transition allows each individual to perceive her sacred path with increased clarity. May the veils dissolve and the light of higher dimensions fill our world, our bodies, inspiring us to deeper levels of love and compassion. I envision a world where we act in frequent concert with the ascended masters and the angels of light.

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