New Libra Moon and Solar Eclipse


Exact time of new moon and solar eclipse: Oct 14, 2023 at 12:54pm CST

The Sun moves about a degree a day. The Moon moves about 13° a day going around the Earth in just over 27 days. Every year there’s at least one New Moon in Libra. It’s not every year there is a solar eclipse in Libra. The last solar eclipse in Libra was back in 2005. Interestingly, there is another one next year. This New Moon is an annular solar eclipse, when the Earth, Moon, and Sun are all aligned with the celestial equator causing parts of the Earth to be in the shadow of the Moon, interrupting the usual ‘link’ between the Sun and Earth.

Some folks say that ‘energies’ can leave this earthly sphere at eclipses. New energies may arrive, to be downloaded as new information in human consciousness. Eclipses are major rebooting times, individually and collectively. It appears, with the rarity of this solar eclipse in Libra, that we are ready to let go of some old ways which do not work, and are ready for some new information… because we really need it! Since we are observing the archetype of Libra, therein contains both the problem and the solution. Libra reflects how we relate.

Simply stated, our individual and our collective conflagrations through all levels comes down to our method of relating. The way we generally relate is antiquated. Be it within ourselves, our family, our intimate relations, our community, our society, our governments, our nations… we all want peace. Even those who want to war do so because they ultimately want the peace that they think they will have with their victory! But no one ever wins a war. There are always casualties. One side loses. There are no winners.

We can go to the other extreme. We can misuse diplomacy and kindness. We can make concessions which serve only the few. We can appear sweet but inside be aflame. That can devolve into manipulation. We can pretend to be nice. Then we are not being true. This devolves into a form of war. No one ever wins a war.

New Libra Moon zodiac astrology for 2023Image by Darkmoon Art from Pixabay

Again, these shadows can happen within ourselves, our family, our intimate relations, our community, our society, our governments, and our nations. But here we are. We are still a bunch of apes arguing over the honeycomb. How are we ever going to get along?

Here’s where we are grateful for astrology, because it is a beautiful system which reflects our evolutionary questions and challenges and offers methods for discovering solutions through asking the questions and getting conscious of the challenges! This is an eclipse. We are letting go of the old ways. We are opening ourselves to new information which can guide us into new ways. We have been at war for at least 5000 years and some would say a lot more than that! It’s time we learned some new methods.

But here’s the trick; I am an ape, too! I can sit here and say that “we should all get along, Man,” but the word comes back to how? That answer has not been available until now. It is what is being downloaded with this eclipse for our deciphering until the next one a year from now. We have not KNOWN the answer! That’s why there’s still war! But that changes with you.

We must start within ourselves. How do we balance our own polarities? How do we rectify the parts and us that want to rage and destroy with the parts that know love and peace? The real war is within. We can have no relation outside of us until we have a healthy relationship with all of our inner disparate parts. This is the beginning of our path to peace.
With this eclipse, my encouragement is that we do our best to integrate our inner polarities. How do I speak to the darkness within me? How do I calm the fear and the rage within? How do I offer a seat at the table to both my angel and my devil, where they can have an honest and healthy conversation?

The rest of the information comes in with this eclipse. We will be deciphering it over the next year, at least. It is our job to be patient and to listen. In the meantime, we must do whatever we can to find our inner peace, not by escapism or any prophylactic means, but by regulating our nervous system with breath, movement, connecting with Nature, and sharing love, care and support with others. When we are in this place of equilibrium, the answers can come to us. The next level of information can be received by us. When we are still, we can hear the subtle clues more audibly.

Be still and listen. Listen to yourself, listen to others, listen to nature, listen to the new information entering our realm. It’s difficult to hear. Find what moments of stillness you can, and trust that the answers will arrive.

– Courtesy of Evolutionary Astrology with Ryan Evans


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  1. An annular solar eclipse is crossing the United States today and New Mexico is in the direct path of the eclipse. According to NASA, the solar eclipse will be visible in many parts of New Mexico, starting in the northwest of the state and ending in southeastern New Mexico. The best views are in the cities of Farmington, Albuquerque, Roswell and Hobbs, where about 90% of the eclipse will be visible. Areas outside the eclipse path can see about 80% of the eclipse.


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