Starcodes: February 9-15


Starcodes for the week of February 9-15, 2024

Today, Friday, holds a new Moon in Aquarius which marks an opportunity for change, but we need to give it direction. Aquarius rules our connections to the community; however we define that, and speaks of our philosophy, our working operating system.

This new Moon in Aquarius squares change-inducing Uranus and wants us to contemplate our operating system with fresh eyes to make sure that our philosophy isn’t something we just inherited or borrowed, or got talked into on the Internet, but is something that really arises out of our personal authentic experience. And, if we already have a vibrant and congruent philosophy, do our actions live up to it, are we walking our talk.

Early next week some confrontations can boil a reach a boiling point and new enterprises can have the energy to take off as Mars enters Aquarius and conjunct Pluto under an energized and feisty Aries Moon. Before we fight someone based on a religion, philosophy, or political affiliation, let’s engage the compassion that is the true heart of Aquarius- the awareness that we are all one people underneath.

The weekend starts out under this philosophical new Moon and encourages us to check in with our friends and community. The stars then pull us towards a more personal note over the weekend under a Pisces Moon with some subtle, sometimes confusing, aspects, we’ll feel the need to be safe to be sensitive in all this action, need time with our spiritual path or may just need sleepy down time to catch up with ourselves.

Early next week confrontations reach a boiling point and new enterprises could take off as Mars enters Aquarius and conjuncts powerful Pluto, a willful conjunction we experience every few years — but it has been centuries since we last experienced it in Aquarius. Before we fight someone based on a religion, philosophy, or political stance, let’s engage compassion, the true heart of Aquarius, the awareness that we are all one people underneath.

Valentine’s Day is the Aquarian holiday where we pursue the ideal and philosophy of love and tend to hold our own romantic life up against that ideal. But Aquarius speaks of community rather than interpersonal intimacy; the original ideal of Valentines was the right to love, and to love all sentient beings, each and every one of them under the wide horizon of the sky. Send Valentines out to the whole class like we did in first grade. Send a Valentine of loving action out to the world and feel that love wash back. The world needs it so.

On a more personal level, on Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, the Moon enters a more stable but stubborn and earthy Taurus and can help us see through more mundane tasks that we postponed earlier in the week. Don’t try to change minds this midweek, do follow through and lead by example.

It can also help us get corporeal, even cuddly on Valentine’s Day, we’ll appreciate gift exchanges that both feed the senses and have practicality such as wonderful food, massage, or a thoughtful effort that answers a real need.

starcodes week of February 9 through 15Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

Friday, February 9: On this spacey morning we can be more aware of other’s needs than our own. We may feel self-conscious or just other-focused but can check in on allies and improve the cooperative flow. Prepare for a shift midday as the Moon squares Uranus, some discomfort can inspire a break in habits or patterns and encourage a creative solution. The new Moon in Aquarius at 3:59 PM MST calls for interesting politics on the big picture as we debate what is actually good for the country, and for more personal connection and camaraderie tonight.

Moon square Uranus 1:35 PM, Moon conjunct the Sun 3:59 PM.

Saturday, February 10: We need to catch up with ourselves as the Moon enters Pisces. A maudlin sensitive streak can run underneath our great ideas. Relationships can feel tested by communication gaps or the ghosts of old problems as Venus semi-squares Saturn and Mercury squares Jupiter. Stay in the present and don’t generalize the future based on the emotions flowing through today. If words aren’t working, an act of service furthers. Foot rubs help, Pisces rules the feet.

Mercury square Jupiter 6:25 AM, Moon enters Pisces 6:42 AM, Venus semi-square Saturn 8:52 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 6:44 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 8:04 PM.

Sunday, February 11: Love and confusion, foggy weather conditions and good intentions abound while Mercury semi-squares Neptune under a sweet Pisces Moon. This contemplative mood encourages sweet moments of creativity and connection. If a situation is confusing or misunderstandings happen, don’t worry about the details as much as connect around content what was the intent. Take care of oneself and prepare for a busy week.

Moon sextile Uranus 1:06 PM, Moon sextile Venus 9:31 PM, Mercury semi-square Neptune 10:58 PM.

Monday, February 12: We roll into Monday under a fierce, quixotic Aries Moon and as Mars enters Aquarius, this loans us energy for our ideals but can help us resist anything boring or conventional, anything that’s not in alignment with what excites us. us. Postpone pure duty until the Taurus Moon in the middle of the week, tackle what holds the heart first. Because of this rebellious energy, we can shoot ourselves in the foot and not do something that we really want to, just because we should.

Moon conjunct Neptune 12:11 AM, Moon sextile Mars 5:31 AM, Moon enters Aries 6:25 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 7:35 AM, Mars enters Aquarius 11:05 PM.

Tuesday, February 13: Sit with ambiguous questions as a lovely Venus-Neptune sextile brings a desire for friendly love but also a certain obliviousness to our closest relationships. It’s a good day to send out Valentines to the whole class. It’s good to get the hearts engaged as Mars conjuncts Pluto, puts energy in our engines and can either power us forward or help us see what’s wrong. Don’t jump to conclusions but note authentic feeling and decide later what to do about it. Watch for a spike in temper, hostile actions, explosions, and wild acts of bravery.

Moon sextile Mercury 3:44 AM, Venus sextile Neptune 6:36 AM, Mars conjunct Pluto 11:05 PM, Moon sextile Sun 11:40 PM.

Wednesday, February 14: The Moon enters earthy Taurus in the morning, slowing the pace. Our hearts can ache, our attention can focus on tension, present troubles or lost memories early on as the Moon squares Pluto and Mars. Midday brings a twinge of melancholy, feeling the heartlessness of the world but we can interpret that through our present emotional situation. Our attention can float, making it hard to complete our work. But the evening can soften, grow more congenial as the Moon conjunct Jupiter tonight. What can we do to give this world a Valentine; love the world and feel that wash love back.

Moon square Venus 3:20 AM, Moon enters Taurus 8:02 AM, Moon square Pluto 9:22 AM, Moon square Mars 9:56 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 9:56 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 11:30 PM.

Thursday, February 15: Be there for one another as Mercury sextile Chiron. If mid-afternoon brings a glitch in communication as the Moon squares Mercury, straightened it out before dinner time and day Moon-Uranus conjunction brings an urge to make a change. Tonight, break routine, even if it just means adding more spice to dinner.

Mercury sextile Chiron 6:16 AM, Moon square Mercury 1:35 PM, Moon conjunct Uranus 5:26 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins


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