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Oliver Cromwell's legacy

Cromwell’s Legacy

Oliver Cromwell's house in Saint Marys Street, Ely, Cambridgeshire may be heavily modernized, but retains the same basic layout it had when built around...
Christine Day's November message from the Pleiadians

Christine Day Message for November 2021

A Message from Christine to The Edge Community! Pleiadian Message for November, 2021 Beloved ones we greet you, As you move closer to the end of this...
Christine Day's September message from the Pleiadians

Pleiadian Message for September 2021

Beloved ones we greet you, We, the Pleiadians, alongside the universal community are increasing our presence on Earth as transformational light energies are unfolding on...
Pleiadian message for August 2021

Pleiadian Message for August 2021

Beloved ones we greet you, A higher light is becoming manifest throughout your earth plane, building in layers and expanding its frequency in increments, aligning...
Pleidian message for July 2021

Pleiadian Message for July 2021

  Hello, I have been imprinted by the powerful essence of the Covenant, which anchored on Earth late last month. The energy of the Galactic...
Pleiadian message I Am

A Pleiadian Message: I Am

The most powerful statement you can make are the words I Am. These simple words, spoken consciously, activate a truth. These words make a...

Path 11: Streaming the Mysteries of Life and Death

A conversation with founders Michael Habernig and April Hannah Filmmaker Michael Habernig and mental health therapist and holistic health practitioner April Hannah formed Path 11...

Humans Are Like That

This reporter has been meeting with an angel for a story she's working on. Reporter: Hi, Angel. Angel: Hi! I'm so happy to see you again! Reporter:...

A Stifling Bond with the Deceased

An excerpt from Living Souls in the Spirit Dimension
 Strong bonding between two persons during their lives may turn out to be a real hindrance...

Are Angels Real?

First of a three-part series An excerpt from The Angel Experiment Angels aren’t just paintings on the ceilings of fancy cathedrals or characters in ancient religious...

We All are Channels: An Exploration of Channeling, its Gifts and its Risks

Many years ago, I found people who channeled impressive. That changed one day. People close to me went to a channel who had...

Researching Life After Life: Some Personal Reflections

An excerpt from the new memoir, Waiting to Die Not long ago, when I was reorganizing some of my books and papers, I happened to...

One Divine Source

When I was a child my father talked about intelligent life in the universe. (I wondered, "Aren't we intelligent life?") He wanted me to...

Aligning with the Universe: The Edge Interview with Christine Day

Since 2010 when The Edge was first introduced to Pleiadian Ambassador Christine Day, the entire world as we know it has turned inside out....

Into the Land of Woo-woo: My Hunt for the Afterlife

I was an angry young man, though I didn't see myself as such at the time. I was a loner, had no ambition and lived...

In the Cobwebs of my Mind

"The subarachnoid space is where the cerebral spinal fluid circulates and is responsible for protecting your brain from injury. Serving as a cushion. A...

Connect to your Guardian Angel in less than 5 Minutes

I met my guardian angel when I was 29 years old. At the time, my life was a void and all I saw was...