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Your Conscious Choice accelerates Awakening: A Pleiadian Message, by Christine Day | The illumination energy that has entered your planet since the New Year continues to unfold, bringing to each one of you an expanded opportunity. Read more…


February Horoscope – Wake Up: Lunar Adventures, by Kathie Anderson | This month, the Full Moon occurs in Leo, on February 3, and the New Moon occurs in Aquarius, for the second time in a row, on February 18. Read more…


How to Get Out of a Coma: From the Heart, by Alan Cohen | I was honored to meet Morton Lauridsen, a genius musician considered by many to be the world’s greatest living composer of choral music. Read more…


Steps to Creating Sibling Harmony: Spirited Kidz, by Nadine Penny | This past Saturday morning our kids were up at dawn, crackling with excitement for Leo’s first ever basketball game. Read more…

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