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Kryon: An Interview with Author & Channel Lee Carroll
by Tim Miejan
Internationally renowned author Lee Carroll will present a five-hour lecture and live channeling from the loving, angelic entity known as Kryon on August 1-2 at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott, 2020 East American Blvd., Bloomington, MN, hosted by Anita Collodoro. On Saturday, Aug. 1, “The Best of Kryon” will be presented by Carroll, highlighting the myriad insights given by Kryon over the past two decades. Read more…


Heart Talk: An Interview with Teacher Carol Gurney
by Tim Miejan
Carol Gurney is internationally respected as one of the foremost experts and a pioneer in the world of Animal Communication. Since 1986, she has traveled the globe teaching people how to connect with our animal companions and the first to offer a fully comprehensive training program in this ever-growing field. Carol will be in the Twin Cities on August 8-9 to present her Introductory Animal Communication Workshop: Make the Connection. Read more…


Real Meditation: A Conversation with Bob Fickes
by Tim Miejan
Bob Fickes teaches Fulfillment meditation and is the author of many CDs, DVDs and books, including the recent bestseller, Quantum Enlightenment. He has taught meditation to hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. His spiritual lineage comes from three traditions: Maharishi, Babaji, and the Ascended Masters. He is returning to the Twin Cities on September 11-13 to present The Love Mantra. Read more…


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Spiritual Cinderella, by Erin D’Ambrosio
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Lunar Adventures
by Kathie Anderson

Astrological Sun Sign Horoscope
With a Full Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, on July 1, and a New Moon in the sign of Cancer, on July 15, you are likely to experience some “fireworks,” or intense emotions, this month. Focus on that which makes you feel “at home,” and enjoy the 4th of July fireworks (if you live in the USA) with your family and friends. Read more…
June 2015 Column
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From the Heart
by Alan Cohen

The Alcoholic Saint
I heard about a fellow who set out in a spiritual quest to India. There he was recommended by word of mouth to find a particular saint who lived in a remote village. The seeker went to great lengths to travel to the village, where a shopkeeper told him he would find the saint under a certain tree, teaching disciples. Read more…
June 2015 Column
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A Pleiadian Message
by Christine Day

Liberation through the Essence of Sunlight
Beloved ones, we greet you. We bring forward exciting news of this next phase of this New Dawning era. In late June 2015, there was a completion with this series of shattering of veils. This has set into motion an incredible transformational opportunity for all of you who are awake. Read more…
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Sound Bites
by Julie McMahon

Mushroom & Spinach Frittata
Have you ever been at the grocery store and wondered which eggs to buy? Navigating the egg section, with all of the various labels, can be downright confusing! If you love eggs, then you should know which ones are the most nutritious. The nutritive value will vary greatly depending upon what the chicken was fed and how it was raised! Read more…
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From the Editor
by Tim Miejan

Expanding our Opportunities wherever We are
I’ve been asked many times during my life if I grew up in a military family. No, but I’ve moved with my family and by myself to at least 20 different homes. I attended 11 schools from kindergarten to college. Just in the last five years I’ve moved twice. This month will be the third.
Read more…
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Spirited Kids
by Nadine Penny

Posture Promotes Success
That weekend, my kid limped around the house as if she was carrying the weight of the world on her back. She’d done poorly on a significant test, despite staying in for recess to work on the subject most days for months. She knew she’d be kicked out of that advanced class and her esteem was in tatters. And though I hugged her and spoke words of love, words of empathy and words of wisdom, I eventually conceded my words weren’t working. Read more…
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Spirit Leaves
by Janet Michele Red Feather

Through Egyptian Eyes
I feel I’m dissembling a bit, passing myself off as a “cat person.” I’m not really partial to them, having a natural affection for all creatures of the air, land and water. When I act recalcitrant at the prospect of ever marrying again, though, Cedric likes to tease that I’ll wind up alone with 16 cats. Read more…
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