Waves of Light

The following is a message I brought through from our Friends in Spirit about the energies of these times: "Some of you are engaged in the level of transmutation that changes the fundamental organizing elements of consciousness. In this transition from duality to wholeness, one may have an expectation of a task to be accomplished. This expectation will bring frustration. This process is, indeed, a process that is catalyzed by both the larger fusion of dimensions and your own agreement at a ... Read More


Pineal Toning & DNA Repatterning: An Edge Interview with Dr. Todd

The following interview can be listened to at For over a decade, Dr. Todd has been developing what he calls the Pineal Tone™ series inspired by a deep inner knowing, a remembering of an ancient time in an ancient land. In 2001, Dr. Todd began the process of remembering an ancient and sacred practice of toning that activated the pineal gland and created profoundly expansive experiences. He intuitively knew the power of the tones and their intrinsic benefit and ... Read More


Presence : Summit

The public is invited to experience a new conference -- Presence : Summit -- on Sunday, Oct. 5, at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chaska, Minn. It will be an opportunity to learn to go within, to find your own inner presence and peace, and to shine that always stunning Light out to the world. Jennifer Salness, event creator and owner of Presence online magazine, says that when we can access our own passions and live from joy, we can create deep change in our own lives and in the community ... Read More

Dr. James Ulness

Dr. Ulness to present Karma Workshop in October

Dr. James Ulness of Fargo, N.D., will lead a four-hour workshop -- "Understanding your Karma, Freedom and Destiny" -- from 2-6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 4, in a special presentation of the Theosophical Society at Spirit United Interfaith Church, 3204 Como Ave. SE, Minneapolis. This interactive workshop is part of the Minneapolis Theosophical Society's series on ancient mysteries and ancient wisdom. Harpist Bettie Seitzer will provide special music. Dr. Ulness is professor emeritus in psychology ... Read More


In the Image of God: You are the Divinity You Seek

The search for God is central to most world religions. Whether referred to as God, Allah, Brahman or Universal Intelligence, the yearning to feel the presence of a greater being is innate within human consciousness. Regardless of cultural, racial and religious biases, the desire to establish an intimacy with God is a universal urge. Indeed, it has existed since humanity's dawning hour. Yet, a new understanding about our relationship to the divine is slowly emerging. We are discovering that the ... Read More


New Books, Music and Video | Fall 2014

Previews of New Books, Video and Music for Body, Mind & Soul Local Authors New Books New Video New Music LOCAL AUTHORS Meditation as a Way of Life: Philosophy and Practice Rooted in the Teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, by Rev. Alan L. Pritz (Quest Books) 288 pages, $17.95 -- Among primers on meditation, this book is exceptional in how it guides readers who treasure inner growth and are looking for reliable direction on how to achieve it in an authentic and ... Read More


Ghostly Spaces, Historical Places and the Crystal Mines of Arkansas

On October 15-19, local psychic, medium, healer, teacher and lecturer Carol Lowell will lead a bus tour to Arkansas -- specifically the haunted sites in Eureka Springs and the crystal mines in Hot Springs -- allowing participants to experience an adventure and therapeutic spa getaway. The deluxe motor coach will travel through the Ozark Mountains and Ouachita National Forest, and guests will stay in nationally recognized historic hotels. Meanwhile, they will learn about ghosts and ... Read More


September Horoscope: Smoother Sailing Ahead

Star Wisdom

September brings smoother sailing than we've seen in many moons. Use the first half of the month to get your bearings, then ride the wind in the second half. Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19)...You're in line for a life-changing identity shift. As you start to see -- with shocking clarity -- the role you've always played in your relationships, you realize you've grown bored with the whole wounded warrior/drama queen routine. What you really want to do is create. Commit to your dream -- the more ... Read More


Recipe: Curried Lamb Meatballs

A gluten-free, dairy-free whole food recipe

If you're new to eating lamb, this is a great recipe to try. Lamb can have a strong flavor, but the seasonings in this recipe make it mild and delicious. This recipe is made in the crockpot, which many people think of as a "winter" way to cook, but I find it's a time-saving cooking method all year long. Ingredients Sauce 2 TBS olive or coconut oil 2 medium onions, finely chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 tsp. grated fresh ginger 1 tsp. curry powder Pinch of cayenne (optional) 28 oz. ... Read More


From the Heart: Choice Conversations

Do you know anyone who is so firmly fixed on what he or she wants to talk about that you don't stand a chance to talk about anything else with that person? I know a CEO who is interested only in sales statistics. If you want to talk to him, the conversation must be about spreadsheets, price points and returns on investments. I know another fellow who is into yoga. If you want to discuss gurus, devotional ceremonies and meditation techniques, he's there. If not, there is nothing else to talk ... Read More


From the Editor: Prepare to be of Service

Messages coming from far and wide are telling us that the reason we incarnated in these bodies on Earth is to experience what is taking place now: the incredible transformation occurring on the planet. We're witnessing wholesale changes in institutions and social policy, hidden truths about ourselves are coming to the surface, and authenticity is becoming the status quo. And that doesn't even begin to address changes occurring to our planet. We are all being challenged at our very core to be ... Read More


Spirited Kidz: Children & Dieting

Dear Nadine, My sixth grade daughter started dieting. Advice? -- Doting Dad, Deer River I was born long and thin. This wasn't a problem until the day I changed schools at age 7. From that time forward, until I turned 15 and had filled out a tad, I was heckled. I was Olive Oyl, Bean Pole and Ribs. I was Skinny, Spidey and Daddy Long Legs. Add to that list the accolades of Goofy, Bugs and Metal Mouth that my prize teeth won me and you might well think that my esteem lay in tatters on the ... Read More


Yoga for YOU: Camel Pose

Camel Pose is a heart-opener that is accessed through lengthening the low back instead of crunching it while pressing the sternum to the sky. We expand our hearts in this pose by focusing on it. What we focus on always expands. When we take the time to focus into our heart's center and energy, the vibration will guide us towards what is in alignment with spirit. Our life's purpose is in the present moment, and it can be guided by our connection to our expanding heart. In each moment we can ... Read More


Spirit Leaves: The Fourfold Psychic and Telepathic Journey

Every one of us has innate telepathic and psychic capabilities. We have held this knowledge since first incarnating as indigenous Earth People. Our openness prompted the quest for a deeper communion with nature. Somewhere in the thickness of tree stands, amid dank soil and fern beds, we have lost our way. We have forgotten how to access our inherent talents. As multidimensional beings, we must now journey back through the four parts of ourselves to recover our legacy. MIND: To awaken and ... Read More

Dr. Todd

Pineal Tones™ & Dr. Todd in Bloomington

A workshop entitled, "Immersion in the DNA Field," featuring the sound technique of Pineal Tones™ -- a method to produce sound that influences your DNA positively -- will be presented October 11-12 in Bloomington, Minn., by Dr. Todd, a medical doctor who has been involved with research and development on numerous health issues. His vision is to develop highly effective nontoxic alternatives or adjuncts to treatments for the major health issues that face our world. He works with prominent ... Read More