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Multidimensional Healing with your Inner Child: An interview with Cathryn Taylor
by Tim Miejan
A former traditional therapist turned multidimensional healer, Cathryn Taylor has fine-tuned her approach to helping people beset by tragic occurrences in their lives — be it incest, divorce bankruptcy, illness and accident — to include much more than the inner child work for which she is best known. Read more…


Symposium Speakers to focus on Raising our Consciousness
by Tim Miejan
Two renowned speakers — Dr. James Ulness, professor emeritus in psychology at Concordia College in Moorhead, and Bishop Bill Torvund, an international spiritual teacher and healer and founder of the Sanctuary of the On in Portland, Ore. — will present “Survival: The Need to Raise the Frequency of our Consciousness Now.” Read more…


The Great Awakening
by Barbara Marx Hubbard
The world is ready for the advent of a new stage of human consciousness and action. It is time for a “planetary birth experience,” a collective awakening, an experience of shared empathy, love and creativity. Read more…


Connecting with Plant Consciousness
Connecting with their Spirit
Our Monthly Topic in May includes nine articles that reveal our innate connection with plant life, including:
Seeding the Garden of Intuition
Flower Essences: A Direct Connection
The Green Man’s Guide to Life
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Lunar Adventures
by Kathie Anderson

Astrological Sun Sign Horoscope
Now that the dust has begun to settle, after the final Uranus-Pluto duo and the blast of the most recent set of eclipses, the Sun in Taurus seeks to harness the wild energy and use it to create something practical and tangible, like a garden. Read more…
April 2015 Column
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From the Heart
by Alan Cohen

Remember What’s Important
I attended a concert by the Brothers Cazimero, two talented and well-loved Hawaiian musicians. Early in the evening one of the brothers, Roland, fell ill and had to leave the stage. Suddenly, his brother Robert found himself on stage in front of a thousand people without his partner, unable to perform the two-hour repertoire they had rehearsed. He had to wing it. Read more…
April 2015 Column
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A Pleiadian Message
by Christine Day

Moving Beyond Illusion
Beloved ones, we greet you. Now is the time to emerge from your cocoon like a butterfly, to take flight and claim your freedom. The energies that are coming onto the planet are supporting your re-emergence from this 3rd dimensional illusion to the higher realms, into the light, your light. Read more…
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Sound Bites
by Julie McMahon

Lentil Salad
One of my favorite healthy eating strategies is to make a couple salads on the weekend that I can munch on throughout the week. That way, when I need a healthy snack or a quick grab-and-go lunch I have something all ready to go. Lately, I’ve been exploring some new recipes with lentils. Read more…
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From the Editor
by Tim Miejan

It’s very easy, I know, to fall into complacency, living by rote, doing everything today as you did yesterday and not really having the inspiration to do anything differently. Sometimes it takes a shock to the system to change that pattern. Read more…
February 2015 Column
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Spirited Kids
by Nadine Penny

Children & Technology
It’s been a hive of peaceful, productive activity in our house these past two weeks. Gone went the beeps, the buzzing, the dinging and the droning of the TV, the tablets and the computer. These were replaced with the murmurs of kids playing chess, playing imaginative games, playing outside. Read more…
April 2015 Column
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Yoga & You
by Michelle Ploog

Top Dangerous Yoga Poses
You won’t expect some of these yoga poses to make the “Most Dangerous” list. Have you ever been in that class of the super-annoying yoga teacher who spends more time talking about the alignment of a yoga pose than actually doing the pose? Perhaps they aren’t as annoying as you think. Read more…
April 2015 Column
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Spirit Leaves
by Janet Michele Red Feather

Plant Consciousness
For a brief time in the 1990s, I owned a cantilevered property on a hilltop in Modjeska Canyon, California, named for the Russian actress, Madame Modjeska. A haven of winding roads, this sequestered woodland wound its way eventually down to Pacific Coast Highway and the Pacific Ocean. Read more…
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