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Lunar Adventures: March Horoscope — A New Beginning, by Kathie Anderson | Push! The baby is coming…. Over the past three years, since June 2012, six revolutionizing contractions have occurred between Uranus and Pluto. And, now, after the seventh and final one occurs, on March 16, a gate opens up at the New Moon total solar eclipse, on March 20, just hours before the vernal equinox, allowing us to birth our dreams. Read more…


From the Heart: Whatever Spirit Wants, by Alan Cohen | A friend of mine was eager to get her book published, so she attended a panel discussion by successful inspirational authors at a large publishing convention. The authors went into gnarly detail about all the requirements for a new author to be published. Read more…


A Pleiadian Message: Doors open to your own Conscious Light, by Christine Day | Beloved ones, we greet you…. We witness you as you take your next steps through the Illumination waves as they continue to intensify dimensionally on your planet. These expanded energetic waves carry a transformational frequency that is going to open doors of opportunity to all human beings, giving each one of you access to a higher realm of your own light consciousness. Read more…


Sound Bites: Celebrating the Green Smoothie, by Julie McMahon | What do you like to have for breakfast? Are you stuck in a rut and ready for something new? Or maybe you are looking for an afternoon snack to give you some energy! In either case, my favorite solution is a green smoothie! Most of us just are not getting enough fruit and veggies in our diet, and this is a delicious way to add them in! Smoothies are super nutrient dense, full of enzymes, fiber and phytonutrients. Read more…


Spirited Kidz: Finding Spiritual Values in Work, by Nadine Penny | Dear Nadine, Does summer work offer kids any spiritual value? — Just Wondering, Barnum of Brooklyn Park I was 19, the year I landed on my summer job feet. A fairy godmother miraculously appeared at my door one day and invited me to work as a physiotherapist’s aide for five inspiring weeks. Read more…


Yoga for YOU: Standing Forward Fold, by Michelle Ploog | As we begin to transition out of winter and prepare for spring, balance becomes essential for our peace of mind. This buzz of transformation can give us an abundance of energy that can be balanced with restoration. An ancient healing tradition that often works hand in hand with yoga is called Ayurveda. Read more…


Spirit Leaves: Emergence — Surfacing in Light, by Janet Michele Red Feather | In a world of artifice, we long to feel vital and energized. Many of us are caught up in the insular life of the bourgeoisie. From the metallic heat of closed cars in the morning commute to the carpeted comfort of our homes at night, we lead sheltered lives. Read more…

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