Robert Brooks

Robert Brooks is a soul-searching seeker of the whole truth and nothing but the truth for help me, "the Source," that he trusts is real and is just as available and real to anyone else who is willing to do the work to go inside and see what the outside is showing, so that you can be totally a manifestation of the supreme spiritual soul you truly are. Contact him at

More Than Who We Are?

We are more than. We have tried the less-than approach, to no avail, for it doesn't do anything to show us our purpose, which...

Enlightenment in the Moment

Enlightenment is not some far-fetched, abstract theory, but is actual and you can achieve it, despite humanity's lack of ever wanting to reveal the...

Who Are You?

After years of soul searching, I can say I know who you are, because I know who I AM. If you do not know...